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Sponsor: Shanghai Business School
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Co-sponsor: Leader University
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Contact:Dr. Shieh,Chich-Jen
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The International Conference on Industrial Globalization and Technology Innovation will be held in Shanghai, China. The goals of the conference are to enhance the global competitiveness of the business enterprises through the application of information and management sciences, industrial globalization and technology innovation; and to foster the international collaborations between Asian scholars and scholars from North America, Europe and other parts of the world. In addition to the formal academic programs, a post-conference tour in Shanghai will also be organized. Research discussions among participants will also be held during the tour to foster exchanges of ideas and collaboration on research project.

Conference Date:

Aug.29 2007 ~ Aug.31.2007


Shanghai Business School


1. Scholar

2. Businessman

3. Student


Topics Tracks



The registration fee of the 2007-ICEPT conference is US$160 for each paper registered before July 25, 2007 or US$200 after July 25, 2007 . Notably, the student registration fee is US$150 .Each paper should be registered at least by one author; otherwise it will be regarded as withdrawn automatically.


Registration Fee
Before July 25
After July 25


Important Date
July 09, 2007 Deadline for call for paper
July 16, 2007 Results of paper review
July 17, 2007 Start for registration of the conference
August 5, 2007 Deadline for registration
August 29, 2007 Start of the conference



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