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Submission Guidelines

1. Submissions may be made electronically via e-mail to info@itiausa.org conference@itiausa.org.  Please use MS Word only. The paper should be a maximum of fifteen pages including appendices, references, figures and tables. The paper must be singled-spaced, printed at 10 points with 1-inch margins in any Times font. Page numbers should begin with 1 and the paper should not exceed ˇ°fifteen pagesˇ± in length. In general, the paper must be the way you want it to look in the publication. Hence tables must be placed where you want them to appear. Papers are to be prepared in English or China and totally edited to avoid grammatical and typographical errors. Papers must be written in a clear concise manner for ease of reading and interpretation.


Manuscript Format
Page number should begin with the number 1 and be centered at the bottom of the page in a Times font at 12 points. The manuscript must be single- spaced with 1 inch margins on all four sides and not exceeded 15 pages (not less than fourteen pages) in length.  The entire paper must be in any Times font at 12 points with the exception of the title, which must be an 16 point and bold. The paper should begin with title, author's information (12 point font and lower case), and the word "abstract" (12 point font, bold and capitalized) each of which must be centered. The balance of the paper should be fully justified.




As for line spacing, it should be title on the first line or lines and then author's information with one line per author and no blank lines between the title and author's information. The author's information line should contain first name, last name and institutional affiliation. Leave two blank lines between author's information and the word abstract. Leave one blank line between the word abstract and the abstract itself. The abstract should be italicized. Leave two blank lines between the abstract and the body of the manuscript. There must be a blank line between paragraphs with the first line each paragraph indented. Please do not use columns.  References need to be consistent and in a generally accepted format. Every sub-heading should be bold and capitalized. The manuscript should be in one file entirely in Microsoft Word. No other software may be used.

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