Short Bio - Dr. Frederick L. Dembowski
Short Bio –Dr. Frederick L. Dembowski
Dr. Frederick L. Dembowski
Dr. Frederick L. Dembowski is the President of the International Association of Organizational Innovation and the Hibernian National Bank Endowed Professor Emeritus at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana, where he also served as Head of the Department of Educational Leadership and Technology. He also currentlyserves as the Editor of The International Journal

of Organizational Innovation, and has served as the Editor of The AASA Journal of Scholarship and Practice, and The NCPEA/CONNEXIONS Journal.
He received his Ed.D. From the University of Rochester, New York. He has served as a professor, department head and dean for over 30 years at Purdue University, SUNY Albany, Lynn University and the National University of Somalia, Africa. His work has focused on leadership/management, school business management & finance, and international development of educational organizations.
He has over 100 publications including: Effective School District Management (1999), published by AASA and Scarecrow Press; and Unbridled Spirit: Best Practices in Educational Administration – the 2006 NCPEA YEARBOOK (2006), published by the National Council of Professors of Educational Administration. In summer, 2007 he authored two books: Carol A. Mullen, Theodore B. Creighton, Frederick L. Dembowski, and Sandra L. Harris, Editors: (2007) The Handbook of Doctoral Programs in Educational Leadership: Issues and Challenges, The NCPEA Press/Rice University, and Dembowski, F.L., Editor (August, 2007). Educational Administration: The Roles of Leadership and Management, QOOP Press/rice University, Houston Texas, 342 pgs.