Short Bio - Dr. Brendan Galbraith, N. Ireland
Dr. Brendan

Brendan is an innovation academic in the Ulster Business School University of Ulster, Northern Ireland. He is the Book Reviews editor at Technology Analysis and Strategic Management Journal and has guest edited special issues including "Managing open innovation intermediaries in the technology transfer process" and has published widely in academic journals. He is a principle investigator and partners inseveral large-scale European innovation projects including 'MAPEeR SME' (Making Progress and Economic Enhancement a Reality for SMEs), PARTERRE (Electronic

Participation Tools for Spatial Planning and Territorial Development) and Myhealth@age (eHealth project). Brendan co-founded two living labs in Northern Ireland and served on the European Network of Living Labs Leadership Portfolio Group. Brendan is experienced in business model development with high-tech companies, user innovation, living lab and incubation consultancy. Brendan is a co-founder and member of the European SME Experts Panel and a member of the Northern Ireland Regional European Forum.