Short Bio - Dr. Hassan Basri
Hassan Basri is a Professor of Environmental Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (National University of Malaysia), and is currently the university’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academic & International Affairs.  Prof Hassan previously served as Dean of Engineering (2000 – 2007), Head of Civil Engineering (1996-2000), Director, Centre for Research & Innovation Management (2007-2008) and Director, Centre for Corporate Planning & Communications (Feb-August 2008). Prof

Hassan obtained his B.E. (Hons) in Civil Engineering from Tasmania University in 1982 and M.Sc.(Eng) in Tropical Public Health Engineering from Leeds University in 1988. In 1994, he completed his PhD research at Leeds, where he developed an expert system for the design of sanitary landfills. 
Prof Hassan specialises in environmental applications of smart engineering systems and heads the Environmental Technology Research Group.  Prof Hassan also has a strong interest in Engineering Education research.  His current research projects include the development of an automated prototype with intelligent vision sensors for sorting recycled containers and intercultural communication modules for international student mobility in engineering education.  He has until now published well over 100 research articles in journals and conference proceedings, jointly filed 4 patents, conducted 12 environmental consultancies, and delivered keynote/invited speeches at national and international meetings.

Prof Hassan is the immediate Past Chair of the Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC) Malaysia (2005-2007) and is currently a serving Council Member.  He previously served as Chair of the Malaysian Council of Engineering Deans (2003-2007).  Apart from his experience in academia, Prof Hassan practiced as a civil engineer between 1983 and 1986 with MMC Engineering Services Sdn Bhd.  He is a Registered Professional Engineer and served as a Board Member in the Malaysian Board of Engineers (2005-2007)