Short Bio – Dr. Davorin Kralj
professor Lin DAVORIN KRALJ completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Maribor, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (1987) and post - graduate study at the University of Maribor- Faculty of Organizational Sciences, in the area of Integral Quality Management (1991) and also post-graduate master' study programme Management and Organization - MBA at Faculty for Economics and Business in Maribor (2008).
In 1991 Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology registered him as young researcher (code 12029). Professional development was strong feature of his professional training and education. He upgraded his knowledge and experience at BMW AG in Dingolfing (1991). He acquired several certificates: professional auditor for quality management at TÜV Akademie TÜV Süddeutschland in München, Germany (1994), • Occupation healthy and safety certificate (1994), Fire Protection Certificate (1996), Authorization by the Ministry of Defence, Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief to perform education and training in the field of fire protection (1997) and Certificate from technical-technology profession (1998) Teaching qualification at the University of Maribor – Faculty of Education (1998) professional examination for system auditor for quality management and environmental management at TÜV Akademie TÜV Süddeutschland (1999)
• EBRD environmental counsellor (2000). Certificate as court expert in the field safety at work and fire protection, awarded by Ministry of Justice, Slovenia (2005).
He is registered as a certified engineer( T-0060) at Chamber of Engineers of Slovenia (1998) and has skills and competencies for project management CPM (1998), as well as a title EUR ING (1998) and ING-PAED IGIP (2009). In 2000 he was awarded Work Permission, from Ministry of Labour, Family and Social affairs of RS to prepare Expert Groundwork for Statement on Safety and to prepare and implement training for safety at work for employees. Since 2004 he acts as auditor of quality management systems and environmental management BiroVeritas.
In 2004 he enrolled in doctoral study programme at the Technical Faculty, University of Maribor, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (finished 2009). In 2006 he started his second
doctoral study programme at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana. Researcher status (29037) and head of research team in Research organization ART-K (2562) were obtained in 2007. In autumn 2009, he became (was promoted to the status of) Assistant Professor at Faculty for Management–University of Primorska. Working experience: technologist in Tovarna dušika Ruše (producer of electrochemical products), Agrochemistry plant (1987), Head of laboratory and Head of Quality Sector in TVT Boris Kidri? in Maribor (1989-1992). Head of quality sector and acting CEO in W&G – Company for production of machinery and equipment (1992-1995) and CEO at Tovarna mo?nih krmil (Company for strong feed production) Agricultural Combine Ptuj (1997). In 1995 he set up his own company, ART-K Business Consulting, and acts as Counsellor in the field of business and entrepreneurship. He is a member of Association for Management Consultancies, Slovene Quality Association, Association for Project Management, Society for System Research, Chamber of Engineers of Slovenia, The Slovenian Academy of management, ASI (Active Slovene Inventors), WSEAS (World Scientific And Engineering Academy And Society), Rotary club Maribor Grad. His main teaching and research areas include organizational sciences, environmental management and sustainable development. He has authored or co-authored various scientific papers and environmental patents. He has published 237 bibliographical units nationally and internationally. He has been awarded numerous certficates and awards. In 2008, Davorin have been distinguished with the silver award during the China Assocation of Invetions and IFIA International Federation of Inventors' Associations, the silver award during the International Jury of IENA 2008 and award of the Best Eco Inventor during the WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization, Slovenj Gradec, Geneva.