Short Bio – Dr. John Nirenberg

Dr. John Nirenberg has been an active interdisciplinary student of human behavior, leadership, and positive social change his entire life. He has served as a dean, professor, consultant, and writer applying his education and experience to uncover the principles that result in eupsychian organizations – psychologically healthy, creative, productive and satisfying places. John is the author of Global Leadership (Capstone/Wiley 2002). His book, Power Tools: a Leader’s Guide to the Latest Management Thinking (Prentice Hall, 1997) helps managers quickly grasp

the meaning of over 100 people-management tools and techniques and describes their strengths and weaknesses. He is also the author of The Living Organization: Transforming Teams into Workplace Communities, published jointly by Irwin Professional Books and Pfeiffer and Co, 1993. In addition, his articles have appeared in professional and academic journals on five continents.

He has lived in Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Thailand for almost ten years where he was an educator and consultant. While in Malaysia he edited Aspects of Management in Malaysia. It was the first management textbook in Malaysia that integrated Malaysian cultural influences with conventional management principles. In addition, to further his own grasp of the human condition he has visited more than 120 countries. This year marks the 32nd anniversary of his co-authored article, “A Primer on Corporate Social Responsibility.”While in Australia, he developed the PROBE methodology (Practical Organizational Behavior Education) - a student-centered and experiential technique for teaching organizational behavior to full-time students. While in Singapore he organized that country’s first Organization Development Network.

He has been active in ASTD, the ODNetwork, ILA, ALE, AMA and other professional bodies. He served as an elected member of the board of AccountAbility, a U.K. based organization that is a leader in the creation of international CSR standards.

John is currently a mentor to doctoral students at Walden University where every dissertation must contribute to positive social change. He received post-doctoral training in interpersonal dynamics at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business where, upon completion of his training, he served as a course facilitator in that program. He earned his Ph.D in Educational Administration and Organizational Behavior, a Master’s Degree in Social Science, a Master of Fine Arts degree (Creative Nonfiction Writing), and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with Marketing, History, English-Journalism and Sociology minors.

Dr. John Nirenberg, USA