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The International Association of Organizational Innovation (IAOI) is an international association devoted to interaction among innovators from all disciplines from around the world. IAOI contributes to a better understanding, practice and acceptance of creativity and innovation internationally. The IAOI achieves this by organizing conferences; building a network of interested persons in the subjects of creativity and innovation; stimulating research and distributing research publications. IAOI was founded in 2005. Its primary activities are the conduct of an annual international conference on innovation, and an international refereed journal.

Every year the International Conference on Organizational Innovation is held in Southeast Asia. Past conferences have been held in China, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Students are encouraged to participate in the International conference and participate in a student paper competition. All presentations from the conferences are published in a conference proceeding IAOI also sponsors an online journal, The International Journal of Organizational Innovation, which is now in its 6th year of publication and has published over 300 articles on innovation related topics. All presentations at the annual conference can be submitted to the refereed International Journal of Organizational Innovation.

The International Association of Organizational Innovation (IAOI) is the professional organization for management/leadership, innovation, technology, design, and engineering educators and practitioners. Our mission is to promote Innovational literacy for all by supporting the teaching of Organizational Innovation and promoting the professionalism of those engaged in this pursuit. IAOI also strengthens the profession through international legislative efforts, professional development and membership services.



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